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Caskets and Cremation Containers


We offer two types of caskets, woods and metals. The caskets we offer vary greatly in price and quality to meet the needs and budgets of many different people. Prices of caskets primarily vary according to its material and the interior material, whether crepe or velvet.

Some mausoleums may require a gasketed casket. Most wood caskets are non-gasketed, however, most metal caskets are gasketed. Most of the caskets we offer can be personalized to reflect the personality and lifestyle of an individual. Various casket panels and keepsake corner pieces are available for many of our caskets. All Batesville caskets come with different types of warranties* to stand behind their products.                   
Wood = No two types of wood caskets are alike. Each has its unique grains to set it apart from all others.  Prices vary according to the type of wood and are considered mid-priced of all the caskets.

Copper & Bronze = Copper & Bronze caskets are the most durable since they are nonferrous metals. Nonferrous means they are not made out of steel. Therefore, they are naturally non-rusting materials. Since they are semi-precious metals, they are considered top of the line. Bronze, an alloy, is stronger than copper. The price of copper caskets in recent years has approached the price of bronze caskets due to the increasing price of copper. It is believed it will become too expensive to make copper caskets in the coming years.

Steel =   Steel caskets come in three different gauges, or thickness of the metal; 20 ga., 18 ga. & 16 ga. 20 ga. is the thinnest and 16 ga. is the thickest. Steel caskets vary in price according to the thickness of the steel, and are usually the most affordable caskets.

Stainless Steel = Stainless steel is a rust resistant alloy made of chromium & steel. Stainless steel comes in two different grades, basic and premium. Premium stainless steel has nickel added. The magnet test differentiates between basic and premium stainless. A magnet may stick to a basic stainless metal but shouldn't stick to a premium stainless steel. Many items are made from stainless steel including sinks, surgical instruments, and even the famous Arch in Missouri. Stainless steel caskets are usually mid-price of all the caskets.


Cremation caskets are less expensive than burial caskets since they are made specifically for cremation and contain fewer features. However, some woods are very similar to the wood burial caskets. The cremation containers/caskets we offer are made from wood or wood products and are designed for cremation only. The price varies according to the type of wood or construction material.